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We work hard to ensure all our customers get the best services at the best price and quality. Our vision is to be the worlds most valued business by finding, developing and owning the best assets, with the best people to deliver sustainable returns for our owners and partners.


Minerals and Mining

With many years of history in the mining industry, Hatyta Holdings is one of the leading gold mining companies in East and Central Africa involved in Gold, Diamonds, Copper, Coltan and precious stones. Through responsible mining, we believe we can create a stronger business and value for all our stakeholders and customers.

Real Estate and Development

Our Real Estate Development and Management sector has grown to become one of Africa’s largest growing private owners, managers and developers of commercial and private real estate. Our diverse portfolio includes: office buildings, retail centres, industrial facilities, residential units, development projects among others

High Value Cargo Handling

Every shipper has the rightful expectation that their shipments will be delivered safe and sound, but the stakes are raised exponentially higher when the cargo in question is of high value. This type of cargo demands a range of special procedures and security to protect the valuables inside.You no longer have to worry about your cargo because we will pick it up and deliver safely to your door step worldwide.

About Jezreel

Jezreel is one of the leading mining companies in East and Central Africa and a producer of Gold, Diamonds, Copper, Coltan and other precious stones. The Company’s world-class portfolio of assets, prospects and talent is anchored in favorable businesses in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Company is an industry leader in value creation, supported by robust safety standards, superior execution and technical proficiency. 




Our objective at Hatyta is to grow shareholder returns and long-term value from a portfolio of high-mineral assets, through disciplined capital allocation, and operational excellence.


At Jezreel, we partner with host governments and communities to transform their natural resources into sustainable benefits and mutual prosperity. We ensure to create more job opportunities at the communities we work in


If you thrive on challenge and collaboration in a partnership culture, we offers opportunities on a global scale. Get in touch with us today to learn more


Stay current on the latest news from across the Company, including press releases, community engagement, the environment and sustainability, as well as technology and innovation.

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We acknowledge an increasing complexity in our operating environments, with heightened expectations for business to contribute meaningfully to social, economic and environmental development and protection.



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Current Projects

In the past years Hatyta has a demonstrated track record of creating value through exploration.Our main purpose is to create value and improve lives, through sustainable and responsible development projects.

Real Estate Development


East And Central Africa

With Our social involvement, Jezreel also demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. This makes us a strong partner in the Real Estate sector. With the new ongoing housing and urban development projects in South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and DR.Congo, we aim at creating more jobs and services to the communities we work in.

New Mine Developments


West Africa and Latin America

We have some of the deepest project pipelines in the African mining industry, including new west african projects near existing operations, Sierra Nevada de santa marta exploration discoveries and some of the undeveloped gold deposits in Latin America that development continues to advance, which will provide significant leverage to gold prices

New Trade Routes and Branches


Europe And Western Asia

Jezreel Holdings steadily grew by acquisition and diversification, often through joint ventures with other well-established companies. Today, Jezreel’s portfolio includes significant operations in Africa, Latin America, Asia and finally opening new routes in Europe and Western Asia. Our robust exploration and project pipeline further strengthens our global portfolio./p>

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What Clients Saying

We look forward to sharing information about how you can become part of the Jezreel team at one of our locations around the globe.

Fathi Hussein Ahlam


“I’m never really worried that the consignment isn’t going to get there on time. I can call over there and talk to anyone and get my questions answered in an instant. Ease of getting a hold of people. All communication with them is really easy. They do handle everything professionally and on time”.

Douglas Afaho


” One of the many things i have learned at Hatyta is to make safety a priority for my self, my family, and community. This is what the company values and encourages among its employees and communities. I am a safety ambassador at work and anywhere else i go.I am part of the Hatyta safety system, a system that works “

Gracie Darkh


“I know they are going to be honest with me. I am not going to get a subpar product or service; I know it is going to be good. That is the number one advantage of working with Hatyta because I just do not want to be sold. I want to trust that what I am getting is going to be good, and only with hatyta.”